Friday, April 23, 2010

XPM Beta Released!!

We are pleased to announce that we have started the beta process with customers that signed up at

This Beta release represents a big milestone towards the launch of XPM in the Azure Cloud (soon to be released) and we would like to thank our beta testers for helping us on growing XPM!

This Beta version also comes with two free features:

XPM Add-Ins:

•GeneXus IDE: If you are a developer, you will love this Add-In since it allows you to work on all the Work Items assigned to you without having to login to the XPM site!

•Microsoft Word: This Add-In is mainly focused on Business Analysts who like to write specs in Word and then associate them to Work Items in XPM.

•Microsoft Project: Not available yet but coming soon!!

iPhone Client

•We are in the process of the final testing and it will be in the Apple Store very soon. In this first version you will be able to see the Work Item list and perform many of the features provided in the XPM site.

To learn more about XPM and XPM Add-Ins please visit us at:

XPM Team