Friday, January 11, 2013

Windows 8 & Android Development

My first impression with Windows 8
By: Gustavo Carriquiry

I installed a “machine” with Windows 8 and then I started playing  around with it. Aside from being able to accomplish what I wanted (to install GX, and execute an application like I would  in my Windows 7, etc). I cannot tell you exactly what thrilled me about this activity, but I found it be a fun experience

Within that enjoyable experience, I did find a not so enjoyable issue with the installation of the Andriod’s SDK. I did not find a reasonable explanation to this issue, but I will explain what I did find, in case that helps.

The problem that I had when  installing  the SDK (note: this issue may also happen with windows 7  64bites) was that the SDK’s  installer did not detect that Java was installed:

I did however have it. In fact, Java.exe existed where I was trying to look for it. I though the issue had to do with the  “casing” therefore I tried many tips with JAVA _Home, path, by pressing on previous/next, etc with no result.

Finally, I renamed java.exe as java2.exe and it worked. That’s how I was able to successfully install the SDK without any problems. Everything seems to work now. I hope that this explanation is useful to GeneXus users.

In fact, if I tried once again to name it java.exe but SDK manager doesn’t respond, an error message pops out.

This is just an issue that comes with the job and It did not prevent me from having a overall enjoyable experience with W8. Which, I found to be very good.

Next step: to try the GeneXus Tilo generator for Windows 8