Monday, December 21, 2009

G2Wconvert: a utility to convert GeneXus green screen applications to Web

Around June of this year, we start working, with our friends at Careworks, on the idea of building a utility to automate the conversion of their GeneXus Green Screen Application to the Web. After a few months of R&D, we ended up with a list of what we called "Conversion Issues"; on November 2th we had the opportunity to show a first demo of the utility during our User Event in Chicago, which included only one of the Conversion Issues, the Screen Conversion, which identify the different elements of a Green Screen Form and converted them into an equivalent HTML Form.

Just last week, we demo the current state of the utility, which includes many more conversion issues, so I will like to take this opportunitity to share it with all of you:

We are working now on completing the testing of all the conversion issues on this sample KB, to then move the testing to Careworks' KB on which we will be running the conversion against 3700 objects, our goal is to be able to convert their KB by the end of January 2010.

Stayed tune!!!

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