Monday, February 28, 2011

G2W and XPM at GUG - Itajaí, Brasil

Dvfacto/GeneXus USA and DVelop have participated last wednesday 23th february of the Itajai GUG - Brazil, which was organized by BXT - Business Xtreme Technologies.

This time Anya Wainberg from Dvfacto presented G2W - Go to Web (, tool designed for automatic conversions of GeneXus Win or Green Screen applicatoins to Web; Sebastián Jodal also from Dvfacto presented XPM - eXtreme Project Management (, framework for the management and development of software projects. On DVelop's side, Agustín Napoleone and Eugenia Alvarez presented WorkWithPlus (, pattern designed to increase productivity in the GeneXus Web Development.

During he presentations the main features and beneffits of the tools were explained (which are detailed down on this article), as well as there were some news. Let's see...

G2W converts simple problems in a simple way and transforms complex problems in an intelligent way.
Some of the complex problems that were mentioned are the Screen Conversion, through learning and being able to abstract information about the screens; about the intelligent solutions applied to the prompts problem as well as stateless.

G2W Challenge was released! The G2W Challenge is an opportunity to convert a small set of complex objects completely for free with G2W, by Dvfacto/GeneXus USA. For more information please write to us to

About XPM, it was exposed how XPM increases productivity during the whole project, improving the productivity for each team member, no matter the role.

XPM increases team productivity:
- Integrating
- Automating
- Supporting changes
- Effectively communicating
- Supporting learning
- Planning
For more information about XPM contact us to

The whole team thanks Roque and Reginaldo for their active participation relative to XPM and G2W.

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