Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Continuously Provide Convenience

Convenience – Todays consumers weigh this factor heavily when becoming loyal customers. Technology has increased the methods to provide the convenience factor, and businesses that leverage the technology from the beginning and continuously update it, stay ahead. Businesses that don’t continue…  well look at what happened to Blockbuster.

Not looking into the intricate details, but just the broad lesson learned, reference Blockbuster vs Redbox. Blockbuster was popular, but Redbox’s business model offered convenience by providing a 24/7 hour kiosks, cheaper movie rentals, and ability to return the movie to any kiosk. The location of the kiosks also helped Redbox's success. By placing them where their consumers frequently visited including gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc, it allowed the adoption of the new way of renting movies become effortless and easy. Shortly after Blockbuster stores were closing many of their locations, and the once popular company was left behind to play catch up to a new company. 

Not suggesting that you have to make a game changing innovation, but understanding the convenience factor and where to provide it, can keep your business thriving.

Going Mobile

According to results of the 2013 Consumer Mobile Insights Study, released by Jumio, Inc, consumers want to leverage the convenience that the smart device platform provides (and interestingly chose convenience over security.) Leveraging a platform that consumers want to use for convenience seems like a no brainer. But there are still certain industries hesitant to provide a smart device application, one of the reasons being that they don’t believe their customers would adopt it.

A recent study by the Business Insider provides statistics to ease that fear.

  • PC sales are declining, and smart device sales have increased
  • People spend more time on apps than mobile web, and the usage of apps continue to increase.
  • “The growth of mobile = more usage, new apps”
  • Smart phones are being used to consume content: purchasing, retail, travel services, lifestyle, etc.

Provide convenience to your customers on a platform they are currently using, a mobile device. Understanding your consumer wants, and where they want it, can keep you far away from being the Blockbuster in your industry. 

Businesses Providing a Mobile App

Howard Orloff Imports - Automotive service
Carissima - Salon & Spa
Parsons Brinckerhoff - Planning, Engineering, & Construction Management Organization
MaddenCo - Software Warehouse for Tire Industry 

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